Aunt Kay

My great Aunt Kay, the last Moffat of her generation, passed away last night. Her 95th birthday is on Monday. Dad and Karen and I drove up to visit her last weekend. Pretty much all our Thanksgiving recipes come from Aunt Kay; as kids, we went up to her house for Thanksgiving a lot. Clarke and I have stopped by to visit her on almost every one of our post-Christmas-get-out-of-town winter camping trips. We even slept on her floor on the first night of our first ever trip. She was always so sharp and quick-witted when we’d sit and talk with her, it was only her body that was failing her. She made it to my bridal shower and our wedding in 2006 and Paula’s shower and wedding last year. Her daughters have done an amazing job making sure she is comfortable. She’s back with Uncle Don now and I know that makes her happy.

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  1. Anne says:

    Oh Stefanie, I am so very sorry! I know her loss will be even more deeply felt on special occasions, and that you will treasure the memories you have of her. “When an elder passes, a library is lost.”
    Love to you and Clarke,

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