Hello 2013

One week into 2013 already. Life has been keeping me busy, but in a good way. We took a two-week road trip in our new twenty-five year-old Westfalia Vanagon (Eddie) up the coast of California and into Oregon then back down again. What an amazing trip; both fun and exhausting. Photos of that trip are here. There may be an entire blog post dedicated to this trip sometime in the future. Maybe.

I paddled in my first official SUP race, the Row for the Cure. I have been training for this all year, but in a fun, casual way. My friend Kim got me into SUP and from the beginning has wanted me to race it with her. I didn’t start paddling until just after the first year she raced, then the following year I was 8 months pregnant at race time. So I was finally able to paddle. It was a lot of fun, just like all the “practices” we had were fun. I made a lot of new friends (my SUP sisters). Row for the Cure pictures here.

Ashlyn's First Birthday Party

Ashlyn's First Birthday Party

Ashlyn turned one! All the usual new parent comments go here…I can’t believe she’s gotten so big, where did the time go, my little baby is growing so fast, etc. etc. She continues to amaze me. Since her birthday party in early December, where she took one tentative step, she’s now walking all over the house. Birthday Party pictures here. All other Ashlyn pictures here. Ashlyn videos here.

We took our annual winter camping trip to Refugio State Beach Campground. We had a few friends join us this year for some of the trip. We got the best campsite, enjoyed all sorts of weather, paddled, played uke, walked, rode the swings and just relaxed. A great end to 2012 and start to 2013. Winter camping trip pictures here.

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