One Month and Doing Well

Clarke's Triathalon

Clarke's Triathalon

It’s been one month and one day since my surgery. So I decided to celebrate by going to jury duty today. It was a lot of sitting around (on the floor so as to get near an outlet) separated by a nice long lunch break where I took a walk to the Embarcadero before returning to my corner of carpet. They set us free in the early afternoon and I enjoyed our public transit system to get me home. Yesterday was Clarke’s triathlon and he did GREAT!!! There was quite a group of supporters there…his mom, my three parents, a couple of friends, and myself. He’s blogged about it already, including maps and pictures (courtesy of our new Panasonic TZ5…love love love!). Two weeks ago, my endo decided to attack me and steal my blood (you should see the bruise the lab tech left on my arm, it’s still there!) and to add further insult to injury put me on Synthroid (or the generic version thereof). It’s a low dose, nowhere near Clarke’s crazy amounts, but maybe it will help me be less tired. I am still having thyroid moments…general fatigue and occasional dizzyness. The day after our two-day jaunt to Mexico, I only made it through 20 minutes of hula before crashing (almost literally). It was a bit of a kick in the pants to remind me that I’m still recovering.

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