Sydney Bristow & Sony Nerd

Sydney Bristow & Sony Nerd

Well, we zipped through the end of October right on into November. I have decided to black out my memories of the beginning of this month in order to make it through the end of this year. We did the pumpkin carving thing, per usual. Clarke and I actually celebrated Halloween this year. We’ve managed to skip it the past few years for assorted reasons (too much work, too much vacation, too much fire). Adam and Heather hosted a “Come as your favorite sci-fi or fantasy character or if you can’t admit that you have a favorite, come as your inner nerd” party. So of course I went as Sydney Bristow from Alias (one month until new epidsodes!!) and Clarke went as a Sony nerd, just to tease Adam. Check out some photos here. But of course, that was a month ago. We just finished up Thanksgiving. This year we decided to take it a little easier than normal and instead of family-hopping through the four-day weekend, we had Thanksgiving dinner with Clarke’s Uncle Pierce and then the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the new cabin in Julian. Being so close to all of our family is great, but the holidays tend to get a little crazy trying to make sure we get enough time with everyone. And somewhere in the last couple of days, we celebrated the first year in our home. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since we moved in…there are still unpacked boxes and unpainted surfaces hiding around here! Anyways…I hope the holidays go well for everyone!

p.s. Harry Potter 3 came out on DVD last week!

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